FUNCTIONAL NUTRITIONEating and Living for Personal Wellness

Nourish your well-being by participating in the Functional Nutritional Revival Program. Functional Nutrition is an integrative, evidence-based approach to health and healing that utilizes therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle improvements to enhance quality-of-life.

In hiring me as your health coach, you want to make significant changes in the area of nutrition. These changes may sometimes happen quickly but generally dietary changes take time to make permanent. Because things happen over time, I request a 3 month commitment to the coaching process. This will allow the coaching relationship to develop and be a powerful force in your life.

Program Details

This is a comprehensive, personalized program that will assess where you are currently with your nutritional and health status and assist you in mapping out a plan to reach your nutrition and health goals. The emphasis will be on learning which whole, healing foods will best support improved nutrition for your personal profile. The program segments include six private 1-hour phone or Skype sessions that cover the activities shown below.

Personalized Nutrition Assessment

Take a Wellness Inventory, a food and nutrition related history assessment and your unique energy requirements will be determined using a variety of data collection tools. The Wellness Inventory helps to identify the areas where improvement is desire and prioritize future action steps.

Personalized Report of Findings

Based on the Nutrition Assessment, details about the root causes of any issues at hand become much clearer. It is from this space that work begins to clarify a Personal Wellness Plan and steps needed to reach desired outcomes.

Personalized Nutrition Recommendations

Healing foods are matched with your body chemistry and any health care treatments provided by a health provider. The recommendations are specific to individual needs and based on current dietary intake guidelines with consideration for existing health conditions. A plan of action is created to implement the healing foods into the diet. Goals are supported within the Wellness Portal’s menu planning feature.

Personalized Support and Program Evaluation

Individuals benefit from condition-specific nutrition coaching and support to make necessary dietary changes. Evaluation of the nutrition care plan occurs at regular intervals provides a means of measuring progress.

3-month Silver Level Wellness Portal Membership

See Wellness Portal Features for details on what is included in this membership. In short, access is provided to set health goals, monitor progress, plan meals and enjoy access to thousands of expert health articles, exercise videos and more.

Weekly Meal Planning Support within the Wellness Portal

Each private portal membership provides the opportunity for members to customize meal plans based on desired health goals and dietary recommendations. This part of the program provides support for members in setting up menus that meet the established nutrition care plan.