ABOUT EVANGELINECertified Health & Wellness Coach and Behavioral Change Expert


With the current intensity of daily life, more and more people are experiencing imbalance and illness as they struggle with past regrets and future concerns. Mindfulness based therapies have proven to put people back in the driver’s seat of their lives and give them the tools to live in the present with joyful acceptance and the ability to better navigate the complexities of life. These tools are as natural as breathing and can be utilized by adults and children seeking to reduce harmful anxiety and damaging behaviors. All we really have is now, and we must seize it to create a life we love!


The western diet has many areas in need of improvement; however, the most heavily ingested item that contributes to all chronic diseases is added dietary sugars. On a deeper level, individuals can take an honest look at what motivates them to consume sweets in the first place. Is it social gatherings or enjoyment of the sweet taste? Or maybe sweets have been associated with comfort and reward since childhood, and one associates sweets with joy. Alternative therapies such as deep breathing, relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation and transcendental meditation are excellent for helping individuals learn to relax and replace unhealthy habits or behaviors with healthy ones.


Balance is achieved only when the body is supported at or directly beneath the athlete’s center of gravity. Body posture is often over-looked when people participate in exercise training and other physical activities; this makes an individual susceptible to injury. When participating in any movement activity, it is important to stretch first, maintain posture and move efficiently. The human body must function in cooperation with laws of biomechanics and gravity. When ligaments support the bones falling in a plumb-line, stress on the body is reduced and energy is increased.


Joy is not in the things we have, activities we complete or foods we ingest; it is created within based on our perceptions and power to choose and by giving to others. When we begin to view the many activities and nourishing foods that support healthy living as sources of blessings, we can indeed learn to enjoy them. When we cultivate love of self and others, we begin to make better choices about what we put into our bodies as fuel and how we interact with others and the world around us.

Evangeline Ruphael, MPH, CHWC has been working in health promotion providing health education and basic nutrition consulting for over 11 years. This experience has provided a wonderful opportunity to experience first-hand what obstacles people face when making efforts to improve their general health or manage chronic conditions. Media coverage, the internet and constant stimuli provide un-paralleled access to large amounts of information, but this can be overwhelming and confusing to say the least. Unique to each person is their body chemistry. By living and eating in harmony with one’s body chemistry, lasting health improvements are supported. Evangeline’s passion is in helping others to achieve their very best level of wellness and create a life they love living!

Evangeline, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified NLP Coach Practitioner, is dedicated to supporting the achievement of your life, health and wellness goals. She brings expertise, sensitivity, professionalism and support that inspire lasting behavioral change. Such skills are often the missing ingredients needed to integrate with Lifestyle Medicine to produce the level of transformational development so desired by many.

Through the process of coaching, clients receive help in assessing and exploring desired outcomes, strategizing and co-creating agreements and wellness plans, navigating obstacles that arise, being accountable to themselves, and coaches support healthcare team directives. Coaches are instrumental in improving patient compliance, referring clients to medical specialists as needed, challenging clients to stretch beyond self-limiting behaviors and co-creating measurable outcomes.

As a child suffering from chronic asthma and eczema, Evangeline’s professional dream was to become a doctor. However, that dream came to a halt when she realized the very medications she had taken for so long were causing serious problems. When she learned the inability to digest gluten was the main trigger for the chronic asthma attacks, a whole new world opened up. Evangeline began her health journey with aggressive efforts to heal various health conditions. This journey of learning and healing has progressed over nearly 30 years. Out of her training and experiences evolved a healthier version of herself with better dietary habits and an increased knowledge of how spiritual cultivation serves as the fuel to make dreams become reality. Evangeline is a mother of three children ages 28, 21 and 16 years.

Evangeline earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Alternative Medicine and Master’s degrees in Public Health Administration with dual concentrations in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Functional Nutrition. She also earned Certifications in Health and Wellness Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to provide the foundation necessary to effectively coach those desiring healing and life transformation.

All journeys begin with one step....