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FREE 30-min. Introductory Call

Here we discuss how coaching can help you to create your very best life. Sometimes stubborn habits seem to have a way of interfering with our success or help may be needed to implement a healthcare provider’s treatment plan. We can discuss the areas of desired change, so I can give you an overview of possible strategies that may be used.

Living Well Package – 6 Sessions

The benefits and rewards of personal wellness coaching become clear as you are guided step-by-step towards making significant desired changes. Because things happen over time, a 3 month commitment to the coaching process is requested. This will allow the coaching relationship to develop and be a powerful force in your life.

Total Transformation Program
12 Sessions

A higher level of commitment is required for those seeking transformational changes within a specified period of time. Due to the commitment and work involved, a 6 month commitment to the coaching process is required. This program cultivates a stable base that will support permanent change.

RRR Program – 8 Sessions

The Recovery-Rehabilitation-Reclaiming Program is perfect for those who have experienced health conditions that affect daily living and quality-of-life whether from surgery, illness or chronic conditions. The coaching process aims to support, guide and establish a plan for recovery that empowers individuals to thrive.

Health and wellness coaching is all about you living your very best life. In order to make this possible, most people find improvements need to be made in their way of living life. Making changes is challenging when you have to do it all by yourself. A wellness coach is there to serve you. YOU are the one in charge of your life and the work to co-create a personal plan, and an effective coach empowers you by providing the tools needed to guide you in making the lifestyle improvements that you desire.

I’m Coach Evangeline, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and NLP Practitioner, dedicated to helping you achieve your very best level of wellness. During the coaching process, I work with you to clarify where you are in your health and well-being journey at this time. We’ll explore this together by using some coaching tools that will help give you a more complete picture, and by going over the lifestyle improvement recommendations you may have received from treatment professionals. We’ll then work together to help you form a clear picture of the kind of life you want to live – the healthiest life possible for you. We’ll compare where you are now and where you want to be in the future; this will allow us to work together to create a solid plan to help you get there.

Once we have that plan established, we’ll work together as allies to help you be accountable to yourself and follow through on the steps you need to take on a regular basis to make it possible for you achieve your goals. I’ll be with you throughout the journey. I’ll be there to help you strategize over, under, around and through the barriers that come up. I’ll help you with challenges that make it tough for you to live the healthy life you want and together we’ll help you keep on track.

Together we’ll help you find and develop the sources of support that will make your changes last. We’ll evaluate our progress and adjust the course along the way as needed. As a coach, my goal is to assist you in becoming self-sufficient in your wellness, to be able to live a healthy life in a completely sustainable way. I bring the value of a professional that knows how to help you succeed in lifestyle improvement. I bring the value of an ally.

Please review the following coaching options and select the best one for you. The 30-minute introductory coaching call is FREE, so that is often the best starting point for those new to wellness coaching. If you are ready to dive into a program, simply click the “Register” link for your chosen program above to begin the registration process. It all begins with one step!

Client Testimonials

I loved Evangeline’s genuine concern, understanding, and support and it felt like a burden was taken off my shoulders and that I regained confidence… Coaching is powerful and worth it when the coach expresses authentic concern and is willing to really help the client sail through difficult times. Evangeline offers unwavering support. Her authenticity and emotional support makes me come back for more sessions, and I’m happy to recommend her coaching programs to others. – Manpreet K., Ontario, Canada

Evangeline was very patient, supportive, and kind during our sessions. I always felt like she really listened to what I said and remembered it to help me in future sessions. The worksheet tools she used were very helpful & allowed me to get the issues out of my head and onto paper so I could better work through them. I have had unpleasant experiences with life coaching in the past, so this was very uplifting for me. – T.M.E., Georgia, USA

Evangeline helped me to clarify and get crystal clear on what was most important to me so I could direct my limited time/energy on making progress. The support and accountability she provided helped me overcome barriers to taking better care of myself. Evangeline listens patiently, responds compassionately, and advises wisely. If you've never experienced the support of a wellness coach, you should absolutely work with Evangeline. She can help you save time, frustration, and energy and will help you stay accountable to your personal goals without judgment or pressure. It's awesome! – Crystal F., Michigan, USA

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