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A person’s level of functioning at home, work and play is dependent on their level of health. When individuals do not feel well, quality-of-life and work productivity declines while medical costs increase. It is in the best interest of all society members for all individuals to receive necessary healthcare and wellness support, free of health disparities, so ALL within a society can flourish.


Our world is full of opportunity and adversity, joy and pain, increase and decline, benevolence and malevolence. Humans are charged with the responsibility of co-creating their best possible life. We can choose our choices but we cannot choose our consequences, so it is in our best interest to make choices that support how we want to interact with others and what we hope to achieve while we are here. Research has shown that those individuals with a resilient personality fare far better with their health, quality of life and longevity than those who respond to life’s challenging events with stress and negative emotion.


For those who have yet to hear of Feng Shui, also known as the art of placement, it is a very complex, detailed science that allows us to bring the material aspects of our existence into harmony with the environments where we live, play and work. This ancient science can be used to bring success to business ventures as well as all areas of our lives.


In nurturing a resilient personality within ourselves and those we care for, it is important to practice kindness and caring for others. This strengthens an altruistic approach towards people and life events, and it helps support healthy experiences at work and at home. Helping others also takes the focus from personal problems and stimulates empathy for our fellows. It’s important for health and work/life balance to learn how to be peaceful in the midst of life’s challenges. We are all interconnected and our actions do indeed affect those around us.

Nu Wellness Alternatives (NWA) is a health promotion organization with a mission to help reverse the upward trend of chronic illnesses and create a healthy society in which individuals of all ages are taught to live an active lifestyle, engage in regular activity and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that supports proper growth, development and optimal health.

NWA seeks to accomplish this mission by providing exceptional wellness coaching, functional nutrition support, wellness education and a wellness membership portal that supports developing and monitoring individual health goals. These services are perfect for anyone desiring to transform their lifestyles to support optimal health and wellness using personally generated health data. Regardless of whether individuals are seeking behavioral change for disease prevention, managing a chronic condition, or rehabilitating and reclaiming health, NWA can increase their success levels and help them create lasting change with the broad range of coaching, education and support services offered.

NWA provides services through a predominantly virtual delivery process, so individuals may participate in all offered services from the comfort of their own home. Offers and scheduling for private coaching sessions are completed through our scheduling platform, Satoriapp, which provides efficient, private management of agreements, project details and scheduling. Sessions are conducted via Skype, Free Conference Call or similar platforms.

The Wellness Portal is the most comprehensive of its kind and offers members (both individual and corporate): wellness tracking, nutrition support and meal planning, tele-health services and more based on personally generated health data (PGHD), and a library of thousands of instructional videos, expert health articles and recipes.

For those interested in wellness wearables that support health-monitoring and protection from electrosmog, our affiliate site (reached via the Products menu) can provide affordable solutions. Electrosmog is the name given to the dangerous radiation emissions from electronic devices that affect our health and well-being. As electronics increasingly become intertwined with daily life, measures must be taken to protect our loved ones. BioZen is a scientifically proven microchip that greatly reduces electrosmog.

NWA seeks to support well-being through various areas of life, so the Therapy Gallery provides videos that serve as resources for instruction and inspiration. NWA offers valuable knowledge, sensitivity, professionalism and expertise to assist in making transformational changes that support a life of health and wellness.

YOU are the one in charge of your life and the work to co-create a personal wellness plan, and an effective coach empowers you by providing the tools needed to guide you in making the lifestyle improvements that you desire. During the coaching process, the coach works with you to clarify where you are in your health and well-being journey. This is explored together by using coaching tools that help provide a more complete picture, and by going over any lifestyle improvement recommendations received from treatment professionals.

The Functional Nutrition program is a comprehensive, personalized program that will assess where you are currently with your nutritional and health status and assist you in mapping out a plan to reach your nutrition and health goals. The emphasis will be on learning which whole, healing foods will best support improved nutrition for your personal profile.

Nu Wellness Alternatives has partnered with the most comprehensive wellness portal on the market to bring you personalized fitness and nutrition support on demand. Utilize the online Health Risk Assessment and online Wellness Tools such as “Projected 3D Body Transformation”, Nutrition Plans, Meal Planning with Recipes & Grocery Lists, Exercise Videos, Fitness Calculators, Activity & Progress Tracking, Health & Fitness Articles and more.

The portal is fully customizable with your branding if you have an organization or business seeking to provide fitness support for all members.

Health & Wellness Coaching

An individualized, guided journey towards manifesting greatness.

Functional Nutrition

Eat your way to balanced health!

Total Wellness

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – WHO


Goal: 30-minutes of movement daily. Do something you love!